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Catchy is a Lebanese Design Studio established since January 2011 we were the center of different media interviews in the past years we mention from them : Al Aalam TV- iran Al Kawthar TV -iran Al Aafaq TV- Iraq Al Jadeed TV-lebanon OTV lebanon MTV lebanon Al binaa Newspaper Al Akhbar Newspaper Der Freitag Newspaper -Germany Our clients are from different backgrounds and countries we mention from them :Congo, Qatar, Egypt, Bahrain ,Iran, Lebanon, Deutschland, Switzerland…Our Work specially the animations were broadcasted on different Lebanese arab and Iranian TVs.We participated in several events and workshops with French, German, Iranian, and different middle eastern universities and associations ,Our work is well known in the Lebanese market for its quality and high level of creativity,and these are not our words but our client's testimonials in the video CATCHY posted on our channel on YouTube.We also manage Private courses teaching and Workshops for university students in the artistic domain and all the learning takes place inside the classroom at Catchy's office.
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marqadi animation" for Ahmad Hawili 
in the memory of sayeda zeinab (a.s) and martyr abou tourab .
visual vision , illustration animation and montage by catchy.

الحياة في موتكم قاهرين

الكليب الرسمي المركزي للذكرى السنوية السادسة للقادة الشهداء " الحياة في موتكم قاهرين " ٢٠١٤، وهو عبارة عن انيمايشن رؤية، رسوم، تصميم وإخراج Catchy  - من إنتاج رسالات، الذي عرض على قناة المنار نهار الأحد الواقع في ١٦-٢-٢٠١٤ قبل نشرة الأخبار المسائية وعند وبعد كلام الأمين العام لحزب الله مباشرةً، والذي شاهده أكثر من مائتي مليون شخص حول العالم حسب الاحصاءات الصهيونية.

Ashoura illustrations for Rissalat's "Hayhat" Campaign 2013

Catchy had the honor to participate in
  Rissalat's Achoura Campaign "Hayhat" - 2013
We were responsible of drawing coloring and finalizing the illustrations below as decided by us and many artists including Zeinab Hashem , Maria Nasrallah and Mohammad Mhanna during the brainstorming and sketching procedure.

Abdullah (a.s)

Al Abbas (a.s)

Al Qassem (a.s)

Al Rasoul (PBUH) & Imam Hussein (a.s)

Ali Al Akbar (a.s)

Ashab of Imam Hussein (a.s)

Imam Hussein (a.s)

Imam Mahdi (a.s)

Moslem Ben Aqil (a.s)

Sayida Zeinab (a.s) & Imam Hussein (a.s)